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$10,000 - ​$400,000 in ​Unsecured Funding

• Personal Loans

•Start-Up Funding

•Working Capital

•Real Estate Investment Funding

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Tell Us Your Financial Goals and ​Dreams!

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RNA Financial ​Services LLC.

Money for life

Countless financial options with unparalleled ​security, all in one hassle-free appl​ication.

We are CONFIDENT, we can get you ​FUNDED to make them a reality!

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Our Story

We're here because we needed a change.

Like many of you, we were tired of the slow, traditional banking systems that ​no longer serve us. We were done with the queues, the senseless ​requirements, and all the red tape and uncertainty of the lending process.

At RNA Financial, our mission is simple, to get our clients funded Easily and ​Speedily.

So, in 2018, our CEO started a small digital-only lending platform that offers ​one-stop, hassle-free account lending solutions. Since then, we've grown into ​a full-fledged electronic money institution— boasting a 99.8% Client Success ​Rate.

Our underwriters work with over 260 lenders to provide lending options as ​varied as the clients we serve. And we've improved the financial health of ​thousands of people by giving them access to simple yet secure lending ​solutions. We’ve lent 5.1 Billion in 2019, $6.9 Billion in 2020, $8.3 Billion 2021, 10.4 ​Billion in 2022, and 10.8 Billion Year-to-date.

We believe there's plenty for everyone. And we look forward to learning more ​about you and fulfilling your goals. From us, there's more to come. Th​e lending revolution has ju​st begun.

Our Offerings

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Personal Loan ​Funding

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Business Loan ​Funding

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Income ​Generating

Investments ​Program

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Non-traditional ​Funding

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Education Loan

General FAQs

How do I apply?

Simply complete the form on our​ APPLY NOW page and a friendly ​representative will reach out ​within 24-48 hours to finalize the ​application submission.

What are your terms ​and interest rates?

Our terms are fixed at 3-year, 5-​year, and 7-year terms. ​Additionally, our interests rates ​vary depending on the client's ​individual credit profile. Though ​our rates are usually as low as ​5%.

Is there a minimum credit score?

How long until I ​receive the money?

Though we have a program to work with any credit score, we primarily fund clients with a 650 or higher credit ranking. Please see our Funding ​Requirements page to see our standard funding criterion. If you don’t meet the qualifications, you will likely still qualify for funding under participation in ​our Non-traditional Funding program. Our Non-traditional Funding program has a 100% approval rate once completed…guaranteed funding.

RNA Financial

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  • Funded in as little as 3 days !
  • Over 260 Capital Sources !
  • One-of-a-kind Software !
  • Team of Experts Negotiating for Clients ! ​Proven Success for Over a Decade !
  • No Upront Cost ***
  • 7 Tier Lending - 7x More in Funding
  • Our Loans Build Credit
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • No Collateral or Business Plan
  • Approvals in as Little as 24 Hours
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Minimum Requirements

* No Negative Credit Items Within The Past 2 Years

( Late Payments, Collections, Judgments)

* Credit Card Utilization Under 60%

* 3 Open and Active Tradelines That Are At Least 6 ​Months Old

* Bankruptcies Must be Discharged At Least 2 Years


* No Negative Credit Items Within The Past ​2 Years ( Late Payments, Collections, ​Judgments) * Credit Card Utilization Under ​60% * 3 Open and Active Tradelines That ​Are At Least 6 Months Old * Bankruptcies ​Must be Discharged At Least 2 Years

Don’t Meet This, We STILL Got You!

The Leadership Team

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Raslyn Alvarad​o


Updated Classics Headshots Portrait of a Female Professional

Nari F. Jin​


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Ashraf Okoye


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RNA ​Financi​al

We're here because of our customers



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Non-traditional Funding

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Enrollment Cost :

Funding Shark

Program -


Funding Shark

Merger -


Fund​ing Shark Program

Our Funding Shark Program Caters To Bad, Poor, Or​ Sub-standard Credit Clients. ​

In As Little As 30 Days After Enrolling Into Our​ Program, ​

Our Clients Can Go From...​

Unfundable… To Funded!

Funding is Guaranteed once the Prog​ram is complete​d!

We Are NOT A Credit Repair Company. Once ​Enrolled In Our Funding Shark Program, You Are ​Assigned A Negotiating Attorney And An Accounts ​Manager — Who Will Advocate On Your Behalf With ​Our Network Of Over 250 Traditional and Private ​Lenders.

They Will Return Within 48 Hours With An Actionable ​List With Steps To Achieve Alternatively Requirements ​To Funding. Follow The List, Then Receive Funding…


Fu​nding Shark Merger

This Program Is Ideal For Our Document ​Deficient Clients.

If A Required Document Is Missing, ​

Not To Worry, We Got You Covered!

In Our Funding Shark Merger Program, Our​ Clients Are Assigned A Dedicated Accounts​ Manager Which Negotiates With Our​ Network Of Lenders on Your Behalf. ​

Your Account Manager Will Work With​ Lenders To Identify Alternative Documents​ (Which You Can Provide) To Allow You To​ Qualify For Funding.

Take Action

Traditional Personal

Loan Program

For personal loan funding, that is ​direct deposited into your bank ​account within 72 hours:

  • Confirm you meet our ​MinimumFunding ​Requirements, HERE.
  • If You Qualify, Congratulations!
  • Call Or Text Our Customer ​Engagement Line At -

(856) 291-0814

Apply Now!

Non-traditional ​Funding Programs

If You Don’t Meet The Traditional Lending ​Minimum Requirements,

But Are Willing To Enroll In Our Non-​Traditional Lending Guaranteed Funding ​Program.

( Please See Details Of The Program And ​Cost, HERE . )


Business Funding

If You Have :

  • 6 Months of Business Bank Statements

  • At Least A 500 Fico Score


You Qualify For Our Same-Day Approval

Business Loan Program

Click HERE To Apply

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Let’s Talk

More Coming Soon…

Customer Engagement Line: 856-291-0814

Address: 926 Haddonfield Av.# 351

Cherry Hill, NJ.


Email: Support@rna-financial.com

RNA Financial

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Join Us

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Our innovative non-traditional ​funding assists our partners in ​maintaining competitiveness. ​Take advantage of our ​unsecured funding platform and ​earn substantial commissions!

With RNA, our partners receive ​no less than a fast, transparent ​and communicative experience!

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